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Collaboration and sharing with Learning Groups

One of the biggest challenges in today’s society is to find the information we need from the huge amount of data and content available. An impressive fact is that every other day an amount of information equivalent to that generated all humanity from the appearance of man until 2003 is generated. This challenge is present […]

Mobile Marketing is Key for Business

A recent survey by Salesforce reflects than 79% of Marketers Say Mobile Is Core to Business. Momentum behind mobile marketing has accelerated during last years, and in 2016 it has tipped the scales. The proof is in the stats, courtesy of nearly 4,000 marketers worldwide surveyed by Salesforce Research. Here are three excerpts highlighting mobile […]

3 Areas of Change with Internet of Things

Internet of Things is revolutionizing not only our lives but also the market of Information Technologies and Communications. Three areas of change that Internet of Things bring: New infrastructure and services needed: In order to successfully develop new projects around the Internet of Things, it is needed new hardware and software infrastructure, communications to ensure […]