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Internet of Things is revolutionizing not only our lives but also the market of Information Technologies and Communications.

Three areas of change that Internet of Things bring:

New infrastructure and services needed: In order to successfully develop new projects around the Internet of Things, it is needed new hardware and software infrastructure, communications to ensure decisions in the shortest possible time, security for all information It is to manage and undoubtedly services, both strategic and commissioning and support. The size of the opportunity of new business in the Spanish market around the Internet of Things will be above the $ 11,000 Mill in 2016. By 2018 analyst IDC estimates that this figure will have exceeded $ 18,000 million.

Fragmented offer: Currently the offer around Internet of Things is highly fragmented and therefore there is not leader or group of leaders defined, which makes it a highly competitive market, where traditional Technology and Communications providers will have to compete with companies of recent creation.

Business oriented purchasing: Buying technology around the Internet of Things is not only led by technology departments, but increasingly business lines are acquiring such solutions.

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