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One of the biggest challenges in today’s society is to find the information we need from the huge amount of data and content available. An impressive fact is that every other day an amount of information equivalent to that generated all humanity from the appearance of man until 2003 is generated.

This challenge is present in all our activities from education to professional life to leisure. Considering the amount of websites that exist today, it is no wonder that search engines have become indispensable in our lives. However, even the most sophisticated search algorithms can ensure success when we are looking for specific educational materials, quality and relevant.

This is precisely what the eLearning Platform GoConqr aims to: meet the needs of teachers and students around the world by offering them the content they need. How? Very simple, connecting between them.

Turn your Personal Learning Experience in Teamwork

GoConpr just launched GoConqr Public Groups, a tool aimed to change aimed the way education is perceived:

If you want to see more and join a community thousands of students and teachers who are already using GoConqr Public Groups to ask questions, start discussions and exchange resources and ideas, you may sign up in GoConqr  and click on the tab “Discover Groups”.





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