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A recent survey by Salesforce reflects than 79% of Marketers Say Mobile Is Core to Business.

Momentum behind mobile marketing has accelerated during last years, and in 2016 it has tipped the scales. The proof is in the stats, courtesy of nearly 4,000 marketers worldwide surveyed by Salesforce Research. Here are three excerpts highlighting mobile marketing findings from the recent 2016 State of Marketing report.

#1. More than three-quarters of marketers say mobile marketing is core to their business.

While only 14% of marketers said mobile was directly linked to the business’ primary revenue source in 2014, 50% of marketers in 2016 agree.

#2. Mobile marketing hits triple-digit growth from 2015 to 2016

Mobile as a marketing platform (such as mobile apps) and mobile as a marketing channel (such as SMS) has seen a surge in usage over the last year. The most dramatic jump is among marketers using location-based mobile tracking.

#3. Mobile marketing ROI soars in 2016

The percentage of marketers who are realizing a return on their mobile investment jumped 147% from 2015 to 2016.

For more research on mobile marketing usage in 2016, see the full 2016 State of Marketing report.


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