Let deep dive into your business processes, to identify frictions and potential efficiency opportunities.
Covering sales, marketing and operations activities, keep focus in customer activation and revenue generation..

Business Process Discovery

Close look to business flows connecting digital and physical worlds, and their interactions

Digital Process Mining

Dig into digital process data, transactions, interactions, and find frictions to mitigate


Set up analytics for specific needs: indicators and dashboards for valuable insights

The right metrics

Get the most out of Discovery: the right metrics for Activate, Automate and Grow


Based on Discovery evidences and insights, review or redesign your sales and marketing flows.
Run revisited processes towards conversion, tracking performance and deviations

Business Strategy

Heading to your business goals, rethink your strategy, both offline and online

Digital Marketing

Design and implement a a digital marketing strategy that converts and brings sales

Sales Activation

Design and implement sales processes that streamlines lead-to-revenue activities

The right flows

Get the most out of Activate: the right flows, aligned with strategy, ready to Automate


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Bring your business flows to the next level thanks to automation.
Explore the possibilities to automate the business processes using a portfolio of tools, and ultimately designing your own robotic process automation

Process Automation

The right tools to automate each process in order to agilice the outcome production

Marketing Automation

Define journeys to personalice user experience and brand interactions

Digital Workers

Use advanced capabilities to carry out repetitive tasks, and integrate with CRM

The right motion

Get the most out of Automate: the right motion, ready to accelerate and Grow


Follow a growth hacking methodology to imprint your mindset and guide your grow experiments
Apply a scientific approach to growth based on a proven methodology, leveraging in solutions, platforms and processes that scale to B2B demands

Growth Hacking

The methodology used by the companies that grows more, in less time, with less effort

Complete Funnel

Revisit the funnels to revenue and referral, using data to mitigate frictions across steps


Use data and analytics to measure actions and results, and help decisions on experiments

The right success

Get the most out of Grow: the right success your idea and efforts deserves


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