Descripción de la empresa:

Mediktor has developed an artificial intelligence based medical assistant capable of simulating a conversation with a real doctor. This can lead to enormous cost savings, process optimization and waiting time reduction in many healthcare use cases, for example in triage for emergency departments or medical call centers.

Our technology uses natural language recognition, multiple types of prediction models, and can be integrated into almost any type of solution thanks to our UI libraries and our wide range of API methods and capabilities.

The software has been clinically validated with a success rate of up to 91.3% in trials with real patients.

You can try our showcase application by yourself, and we will surely appreciate your feedback:

  • Mediktor in the Apple App Store
  • Mediktor in the Google Play Store
  • Mediktor B2C web portal



You will be integrated in a team that is moving towards Agility. As a startup company, we are fast-learners but still adapting some of the processes so you can help us in the shaping of our Scrum framework; improving our working flows & CICD. If you want to be part of a team that is constantly improving where we value transparency, commitment, energy and good vibes, do not hesitate to join us. In our constantly growing environment, we are improving and we need you to help us!

What you will be doing:

During your first day

You will be introduced to our prediction models and data teams and you will be sitting a lot with our backend team to deep-dive into our data structure and prediction methodologies. You will also receive a Mediktor welcome pack to start feeling the vibes.

After your two weeks

You will have a better knowledge of the team and our rituals (if you are lucky, you will experience our after-work activities); we are an open team that value different opinions to improve! The knowledge of our data structure and prediction models will still be far from ideal but you will already know the challenge we face and the potential it has to impact society.

And after three months, you will be able to:

  • Develop, maintain & monitor prediction models using the latest AI Python technologies & frameworks.
  • Understand and improve our prediction techniques and methodologies
  • Constantly monitor existing and new AI technologies that could help improve our accuracyCo-Deploy server side dockerized prediction models
  • Leverage API communications for automated incremental model training
  • Report & discuss performance with doctors
  • Impact the strategic technology roadmap planning
  • Communicate effectively of new technology trends with your team


2 – 5 años de experienciaTecnologías IMPRESCINDIBLES:

  • Python
  • TensorFlow
  • Keras

Tecnologías Deseables:

  • Python

Conocimientos requeridos IMPRESCINDIBLES:What you need to have:

  • Extensive knowledge and experience using TensorFlow or Keras.
  • Some experience and knowledge of all the data science trending prediction technologies (TensorFlow, Keras, pytorch, sklearn…)
  • Python programming skills
  • Data analytics skills, deep understanding of statistics and probabilistics
  • Good communication skills (English & Spanish)

Conocimientos deseados:

What will make you shine:

  • Proven professional experience creating real time predictive models
  • Experience with Natural Language Processing
  • Experience in Health domain
  • Experience in Agile methodologies
  • Experience working in team-oriented, collaborative environment
  • Experience in startup environment
  • Highly self-motivated, independent and with a challenging mindset
  • Positive attitude, team-player

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Categories: IT Management
Employment types: Full time
Locations: Barcelona
Industries: Software
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